Why did you start photo.co.za? 
I love taking photos and I love looking at photos…  In times when I capture or see a particularly captivating picture, I want to be able to share them with those who may not have the ability to go or experience where I or others have been. Follow our adventures on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. If you see a photo you would like to order but is not listed in the shop please contact andi@photo.co.za.

Why a photo blog?
To combine a few of my favourite things; adventures, writing and photography! 🙂

What is a digital photo?
It is the digital image of the photograph in JPG format.

Why would you sell digital photos?
It is both beneficial for you as the buyer and me as the seller. It is cheaper for you as it means I don’t need to include the cost of printing and framing, courier fees or my time. You can print your photo at your own convenience and choose your own frame or canvas size at your local printing shop. You could also just print it on your own printer 🙂

How do I order a photo?
Visit the Photo SHOP and order pictures for your home or office online. The picture will be available for you to download once your order has been processed.

I also have some pretty great pictures, can I contribute as a photographer or blogger too? 
YES! 🙂 Contact andi@photo.co.za




I have loved equine, wildlife and landscape photography for over 10 years. Originally from South Africa, I am now based in Ascot, Berkshire, United Kingdom. Let me capture a chapter in your story.

Contact me for a quote – andi@photo.co.za