Deal, Kent, England

The first home we lived in after moving to UK was in Deal, a beautiful seaside town which lies on the English Channel. This photo was one of the first ones I took of the Deal Pier. Walking along the beachfront became a weekly (if not daily) activity for me and my daughter. On a sunny clear day you can see right across the English Channel to France.

The town is very quiet during the week, and livens up over weekends when the tourists or “DFL’s” (Down from London) come to visit. We soon found out that DFL’s is the locals name for those who live in London during the week.

Deal is filled with the most wonderful, polite people. I fell in love with England while living here. My favourite activities were walking along the beach, the narrow streets exploring the little alleyways and charming old churches, and of course having a sunset drink along one of the many restaurants along the beachfront. This area is particularly stunning in summer when there are millions of blooming flowers everywhere.

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