My passion for photography was ignited while working as a fundraiser for Cart Horse Protection Association, an animal rescue organisation in Cape Town. As fundraiser I needed to find ways to connect with the donors by sharing stories and powerful images that captured the lives and plight of the working cart horses. I ventured out with the Animal Welfare Inspectors every chance I got to capture their work with my camera.

This newfound love extended to the rest of my life and I started taking photos everywhere I went.

Photography places you in the role of observer and allows you to completely be in the moment and focus on what you are capturing; from beautiful scenery, extraordinary moments of animals in action or people engaged in touching moments.

Photography is a way to capture and save the essence of a moment.

Old photos have the power to evoke long forgotten memories and emotions, transporting you back in time for a minute. Images of an animal suffering, children laughing, a couple in love, the bond between a horse and owner, or even just a beautiful sunset; all have the potential to elicit powerful emotions within you.

I love the art and challenge of capturing authentic emotions in a portrait, the spirit of an animal, or the way the light dances off the trees or ocean in a landscape shot.

– Andrea Carter

I have loved equine, wildlife and landscape photography for over 10 years. Originally from South Africa, I am now based in Ascot, Berkshire, United Kingdom. Let me capture a chapter in your story.

Contact me for a quote – andi@photo.co.za