Perfect Car Wash, Somerset West

I needed my new Land Rover washed before my doggy proof car seat covers are fitted next week, so went to go try out the new Perfect Carwash in Somerset West along with my fiance and his Aston Martin. I haven’t been to a drive through car wash in about 10 years! There’s still something really awesome about them 🙂

I was super impressed with all the facilities at Perfect Carwash and highly recommend it! You go into the drive through first, and while they vacuum the interior you can sit in their cosy coffee shop which has been designed really nicely with comfy chairs and log tables. They offer a selection of rolls, coffee, cooldrinks and snacks. and really pretty Halo water bottles 😉

They even have beautiful clean toilets – total necessity when you’re 8 months preggy. And of course they are using and reusing borehole water to wash the cars:)) extra plus


Contact: 082 085 1900
Address: Pacific Close, off Old Main Road, Firgrove Rural
Directions: Take the Old Main Road off the N2, turn left into Somerset Crossing then right into Pacific Close.
Hours: Mon – Sat 7am-7pm & Sunday from 9am-6pm

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I have never had my car washed so well before. And that is saying alot as I have 3 dogs who shed too much hair (one being a German Shepherd whose hair gets EVERYWHERE). In the last 6 years no one at any car wash has been able to get out all the dog hair until today. It is also an absolute pleasure to deal with staff who are friendly and smiling. It seems they definitely enjoy their job and are committed to giving great service:)

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