Rhino, Madikwe Game Reserve, South Africa

Safari drives are among my top 10 favourite activities. Can never get enough! Spotting rhino at the watering hole during a sunset drive remains one of my best memories of Madikwe Game Reserve 😁 Some interesting Rhino facts for you.. * Greek words, ‘rhino’ meaning nose and ‘ceros’ meaning horn combine to create the word rhinoceros. * White rhinoceros […]

Zombie Festival 2016

Every year for Halloween there is a Zombie Walk through the city of Cape Town. This year it started at Company Gardens and ended up in Mechau Street for the Zombie Festival after party at Madison Avenue. I never pass up the chance for a dress up party so I joined to take photos 🙂 […]

Rhodes Memorial

Rhodes Memorial is a national landmark in tribute to Cecil John Rhodes, the British-born man who arrived on Cape soil at 17 and went on to become Prime Minister of the Cape Colony. Nestled at the foot of Devil’s Peak, Rhodes Memorial lies within the Table Mountain National Park and the views from up here are […]