I fell in love with Photography after I was given my first disposable camera at the age of 10. I am now using a Canon Powershot and love taking pictures everywhere I go. After capturing pictures of families having fun at Clanwilliam Dam, I wondered where I could share these pictures so that they may be found. From that idea – photo.co.za was born. I wanted an easy-to-remember platform where I could share all my photos, as well as photos taken by good friends (who also happen to be epic photographers). The community photos section is not to make money but just in the spirit of sharing. I am building up a collection of stock images for the online store as I learn more about photography, and cannot wait until I get my first DSLR! Listening to countless stories of my father’s (William McIntosh) adventures as Snr Photographer for Die Son newspaper, I have been inspired to follow in his footsteps with photo-blogging and aim to venture into journalism.

 I would like to grow PHOTO into a huge online collaboration of South African Photographers who want to share their photos that would otherwise be deleted or left unpublished in a folder somewhere. Please contact me if you would like to be involved.